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Shirley A Hanson       


In the following pages I have included photo's of selected cats and kittens that I have either bred or owned, also other photo's of Bengal's that I have used to show you colour's and marking's! I have a small in home cattery which means that I am very selective in my breeding programme. My breeding cats were carefully selected in the US before bringing them to Australia when I returned in Sept.2001. I breed very few litters and will sell breeding stock to future suitable breeders. Every care is given to my kittens to ensure that when they go to their new parents they are well socialized and happy. Kitten prices vary quite drastically between pet/breeder or show kittens! My pet prices are very reasonable, increasing in value accordingly. Each kitten is evaluated for type, markings and pattern

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All photos of Warpaint cats & kittens are taken by Shirley A Hanson